A designer writing about design and maybe some other things. Senior Growth Designer at Parabol

When we focus only on the superstars, we lose sight of the people who tie all the superstars together

Photo: 10'000 Hours/Getty Images

WWhen I was a teenager, I thought I wasn’t good at anything. I was, in my own eyes, mediocre at everything, never the standout or the superstar. As I have navigated my career, I have come to realize that being a generalist, being good at a broad spectrum of subjects…

Surviving as a Solo Designer

Any designer who spends time reading articles on Medium will have read all about design teams in San Francisco with design leaders, creative directors, and multiple designers. Design is an important, valuable, and significant part of their businesses. It’s exciting to see what these teams are capable of and to…

Emotion in Design

Designers frequently get described as the people who make things pretty. It isn’t exactly flattering and it definitely doesn’t capture the full picture of what a designer does. It’s difficult not to bristle at the over-simplified description of our role. When our job is described this way we tend to…

Alicia Cressall

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